Monmouth Civic Society

Shirehall Monmouth

Shirehall Monmouth, copyright Philip Halling, licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons licence.

Civic Societies are a way for local people to make their voices count and shape the way that their neighbourhoods develop. Everyone has an opinion about the places where they live, work and shop, but how often are these views reflected in the decision making process?

Our aims are:-
1.    To promote high standards of planning and design.
2.    To educate the public in the history, geography and conservation of the natural and built  environment.
3.    To promote policies and projects that will enhance quality of life in the community.
4.    To promote environmental, economic and social sustainability.
5.   To protect, preserve and improve features of historic or public interest.
6.   To promote Civic Pride.


Monnow Bridge and riverbank copyright Jaggery, licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons licence

Monnow Bridge and riverbank copyright Jaggery, licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons licence

Forthcoming Events
Open Doors: the Society co-ordinates European Heritage Days, two afternoons in early September when many buildings in the town (generally 16 or so) are open to the public for free, with stewards on hand to provide information about their history and use. We provide some of the stewards, plus handouts listing all the buildings and providing a map of their locations. Typically the buildings receive about 2,500 visitors during the event. The event is sponsored by Mandarin Stone, the Town Council and the Beacon.

We organise Society Outings in September to interesting towns in the general area, an enjoyable and interesting way to find out more about our region.

Recent Activities
By December 2009 we had attached 23 blue plaques to buildings of historic importance in Monmouth.  The final plaque was attached to the Shirehall when the current refurbishment was completed in 2010.  Much of the funding has come from the Town Council, but the Civic Society has done all of the work in getting permission and the necessary planning consents.  The distinctive ceramic plaques have been made and installed by local potter Ned Hayward from Chepstow.  A new booklet guide has been published, jointly funded by ourselves and GAVO is available at a price of £2, available from the TIC, Nelson Museum and Monmouth Bookshop.  A pdf of the booklet in Welsh is available to download from

We have led many informative walks around the Blue Plaque Trail. An interpretive ceramic panel summarising Monmouth history has been installed in Blestium Street on the side of the Robin Hood Inn.

We painted the grayscale mosaic depicting the Charles Rolls statue which decorates the underpass near the Leisure Centre.

We have provided brief histories of Monmouth’s historic pubs to hang in the bars.

We meet in the Shirehall, Agincourt Square, Monmouth on the 4th Wednesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November).

The Annual Subscription, due in April,  is £8.00 Single, £10.00 Double.

Grahame Thomas, Chairman  01600 715507
Jeana Hall, Vice-Chairman
Phil Bly,  Secretary 01600 719787
Jeana Hall, Planning Secretary
Rob Campbell, Treasurer


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