Monthly Archives: May 2017

Support Verges Campaign

A message from Monmouthshire Meadows Group: if you haven’t yet signed the letter to your council to support PlantLife’s Verges Campaign (relaunched this year) then please do. There was good national publicity around this issue recently and it feels like some progress is being made, but it’s an uphill struggle and it is desperately important for the survival of wildflower species –

Massive Solar Plan on the Levels?

It is reported that a 345 acre solar farm is being planned by Gwent farmers on land at Llanwern, Newport.  Large enough to power over 15,000 homes, any planning application would require public consultation before submission and be determined by the Welsh Government.  Wildlife interests, already fighting the M4 Relief Road proposals in the area but well-disposed to renewable energy, have major concerns about the impact of the farm on the Levels Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The developers maintain that the development could protect and enhance the SSSI reens and their wildlife.