Wye Valley Society

The Wye Valley Society was formed in 2009 through the merger of two active groups – the Lower Wye Valley Society and the Herefordshire Wye Valley

The Wye Valley at Redbrook

The Wye Valley at Redbrook

AONB Society.

Our members work to protect, enhance and promote the Wye Valley AONB, and to increase public involvement in and understanding of this unique landscape.   We are fully aware that the environment of the AONB cannot be preserved unchanged but feel that changes should be in sympathy with existing patterns, historic features and natural aspects of the Wye Valley.

We believe that, for the benefit of residents and visitors alike, the area must be protected against insensitive and intrusive development, such as inappropriate building, industrial-scale intensive farming and mining development. We believe that the traditions and skills of a strong rural economy, vital to the beauty and sustainability of the countryside, should be encouraged and supported.

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations with convergent aims, including the Wye Valley AONB Partnership, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales. Our relationships with local councils are constructive but necessarily challenging especially on planning issues.

Become an active member of the Wye Valley community – we will achieve substantially more by acting in concert than ever we can individually.

Visit our website to find out more about us, and to join the Wye Valley Society

Next event Sunday 5th October 2014: For members of the WVS and Forest of Dean Buildings Preservation Trust, a visit to the Church of St James at Lancaut set on a peninsula almost surrounded by a meander of the Wye.  There will be two speakers to explain more about the history of this fascinating site and its equally interesting geology.  For details of the site and how to reach it see our website http://www.wyevalleysociety.org.uk/events.php