Welsh Carbon Target to be Reviewed

This week the Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency to strengthen and galvanise action at home and internationally, from our own communities, businesses and organisations, to Parliaments and Governments around the world. Lesley Griffiths has now welcomed advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) which updates the 2017 advice, reconsiders the emissions reductions possible in Wales and makes recommendations intended to ensure Wales is able to fulfil our global responsibilities. The Committee recommends that emissions of greenhouse gases in Wales can and must fall by 95% over the next 30 years if we are to make our fair contribution to the UK’s commitments made in the Paris Agreement. This would cut long-lived greenhouse gases to below zero and effectively end Wales’ contribution to rising global temperatures. In galvanising action from all levels of Government, communities and sectors, Welsh Government will take a lead and meet the calls for action of people of all ages concerned about the impacts of climate change. They will deliver on the commitments set out in A Low Carbon Wales, as the 100 policies and proposals are vital steps in Wales’s low carbon journey. We will also seek to build on the action we have already taken, for example upscale the level of building retrofit in Wales and deliver on our ambition for a carbon neutral public sector by 2030. WG have agreed to review their 2050 target and report back to the National Assembly before setting the third carbon budget by the end of 2020. The Committee’s advice is available at https://www.theccc.org.uk/publication/net-zero-the-uks-contribution-to-stopping-global-warming.