Transition Chepstow

TransitionChepstowlogoTransition Chepstow is a community initiative to develop a response to climate change and rising oil prices. 
We are looking for your ideas to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel.  With these ideas we can reduce our carbon emissions and make our community stronger and more vibrant in the face of reducing oil availability.

The initiative is open to everyone and can take in all areas of our community’s life, including food production, energy, transport, healthcare and entertainment. You don’t have to be an expert – just passionate about a stronger future for our community!

To find out more about Transition Chepstow click here.

We have working groups actively looking at food, health, energy, wildlife, transport, and future development of the town.  These groups meet regularly and welcome new members.

Contact details:
For further information please email Tim or phone 01291 628495