South East Wales Energy Agency

sewea logo1The South East Wales Energy Agency is a registered charity that works to combat climate change and fight fuel poverty through the following means:

  • providing and promoting impartial energy efficiency advice to homes
  • walking people through the insulation and heating grants processes
  • working with local authorities in South East Wales, including Monmouthshire County Council

Climate change is an aspect of every part of our lives, from the appliances we use, the way we work, how we move around, where we choose to spend our holidays and how we get there, as well as the energy standards of our housing. If you want to save energy for either financial or environmental reasons, we can help you consider the different aspects of your home or lifestyle individually or as a whole.

Installing loft insulation

Installing loft insulation

Energy efficiency advice
We can provide comprehensive energy efficiency advice. Would you like to know where around the home you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your bills? We have factsheets on solar water heating, efficient driving, switching to sustainable transport, and can answer other queries you might have.

You can call us on 0800 622 6110 or send us an email, or start by looking at our quick energy saving tips page. In recent years various new initiatives have been introduced to encourage us to use energy more efficiently and generate our own. Some of these can provide cost savings to homeowners over time.



Contact us:
South East Wales Energy Agency
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