South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre

Who are we?
SEWBReC is part of a network of Local Records Centres (LRCs) which covers the whole of Wales, and most of the UK. LRCs aim to act as a central

Female spider Araniella cucurbitina

Female spider Araniella cucurbitina

point for all information gathered about the location of wildlife in that geographical area. Collating all of this data means that LRCs such as SEWBReC can offer an overview of species populations and locations, and feedback this information to decision makers such as local planning authorities and property developers.

What products do we provide?
SEWBReC aims to offer a one-stop-shop service to anyone requiring data to help them assess the possible biodiversity implications of a plan or project. We offer a range of professional services, including:

  • Planning application list checking
  • Mapping of species records for a defined geographical area
  • Species lists for a site or area
  • Provision of computer based tools to aid in local development (such as GIS alert layers for species or habitats)

What services do we provide?
SEWBReC is reliant upon the supply of wildlife data from our data suppliers. These range from local councils to wildlife groups to individual wildlife recorders. In return for this supply of data, SEWBReC supports the local recording community in a variety of ways, including:

  • Provision of biological recording software, and assistance in its use
  • Provision of species records to aid research and encourage further recording efforts
  • Hosting of local wildlife group webpages on the SEWBReC website
  • Organisation of a variety of events, including conferences, field trips and training days.

How can you get involved?
Submitting your wildlife sightings to SEWBReC is one easy way to help safeguard the rich diversity of species and habitat to be found in Wales.
Knowing WHERE our wildlife is, is the first step to PROTECTING it; please start making YOUR contribution today!
A “record” is made up of four important pieces of information:

  • WHAT? Name (common or scientific) of the species
  • WHERE? Location and grid reference of species sighting
  • WHO? Name of person who spotted the species
  • WHEN? Date that the species was seen

Submitting records to SEWBReC is easy; simply send the information (including the all important four: what, where, who and when) via post, email or telephone. Alternatively, complete our online recording form.

For further details on submitting records and a wealth of other information about what we do, please visit our website.

Contact details:

SEWBReC, 13 St Andrew’s Crescent, Cardiff, CF10 3DB
Tel: 029 2064 1110
Fax: 029 2038 7354