RDE Ltd – Eco Home Centre

Rounded Developments Enterprises (RDE Ltd) is a not for profit organisation based in Cardiff that runs the Eco Home Centre.


The purpose of the centre is to provide the residents and voluntary organisations of Wales with a central place where they can discover how to build and refurbish more sustainably.

One of the main resources is our award winning Eco Home blog. Here you will find a wide range of topics covered that have been written in an easy to understand manner. We specialise in refurbishment of older solid walled buildings as they are generally poorly served by the mainstream industry. Damp is a favourite of ours!

The centre also has an E-Shop to make purchasing ‘green’ DIY products like paints and finishes easier and cheaper. As a not-for-profit organisation there is less pressure on sales and more on providing great advice and getting you the correct product.

This advice is not limited to an online presence. We are able to offer consultancy services to community, voluntary and charitable groups in Wales. As a mentor for Renew Wales many organisations have already benefitted from our sensible and practical knowledge of buildings.
To find out more about us visit: our E-shop, the RDE website or the Eco Home blog

Contact details:
Eco Home Centre,
63 Clive Road,

Tel: 029 20373094