Plantlife’s Magnificent Meadows Cymru

News from MMG: This three-year project to create and conserve wildflower grasslands in Wales comes to an end in December.  The small team have achieved some significant successes, with new meadows groups created and supported and many training courses run across the country.  Monmouthshire Meadows Group was involved at the beginning, talking to groups about how we started (nearly 20 years ago), and we hosted some of their training courses for our members.  Although the project is ending and their staff are moving on, their legacy remains in the materials they have created.  In particular their Meadows Hub has a wealth of information about creating, managing and surveying wildflower grassland, and information about seeds, tools and equipment.  They have also uploaded many of their webinars to their YouTube channel so if you missed any you wanted to see, they are there to watch.