Local Food on Urban Forks

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Sep 092018

Welsh Government has published the Abergavenny Agri-Urban Action Group’s report for 2016-18 at  https://gov.wales/topics/environmentcountryside/farmingandcountryside/cap/wales-rural-network/news/abergavenny-agri-urban-integrated-action-plan/?lang=en.  The plan aims to be a guideline for food development in the Abergavenny area, with proposals including a Food Hub centre of excellence bringing producers and consumers closer together.

Sustainable Academy Awards

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Aug 242018

The ‘Sustainable Academy Awards’ is an ambitious new event which draws on decades of combined experience in the sector from Cynnal Cymru and RenewableUK Cymru. The Awards are being held for the first time in 2018, and are a fusion of the Cynnal Cymru Sustain Wales Awards and the Wales Green Energy Awards, organised by RenewableUK Cymru. Lots of categories; submit by 10 September; full details at http://www.sustainableacademy.wales/about/

Invest in Nature Cymru

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Aug 242018

Environet Cymru is changing its name – to Invest in Nature Cymru (www.wcva.org.uk/invest-in-nature-cymru). They will still offer a free signposting and advice service and promote the work of environmental and community groups through their digital network. However, the new name will tie in with an important strand of their work, which is to demonstrate how care of our natural world underpins all our prosperity and well-being.

Call for Low-carbon Housing

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Aug 052018

The National Assembly’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee has called for a ten-year strategy to boost low-carbon housing, including all new-builds to be zero-carbon and retro-fitting of existing homes – both with financial incentives.

Park Funding Restored

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Aug 052018

Welsh Government has reversed a decision to cut its National Park budget and announced a set of priorities for the Parks and AONBs – including a refreshed woodland strategy, halting the loss of biodiversity, a greater focus on green energy and decarbonisation, and realising the economic potential of the landscape, boosting tourism and outdoor recreation.

Street Furniture

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Jul 222018

There will be an open forum at MCC’s special Strong Communities Select Committee meeting at County Hall on Monday, 30 July (10.00am).  The meeting is to discuss the council’s controversial policy on advertising boards, café seating, etc within the highway, and the committee will be making recommendations.

Canal News

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Jul 222018

Recent NRW forestry felling and other changes at Goytre Wharf have prompted the formation of a new group with a Facebook presence at https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Goytre-Wharf-797285523802981/.

Meanwhile Torfaen and Caerphilly councils have European, Welsh Government, Canal and River Trust and their own funds for £4.6m plans for an Adventure Triangle to develop recreation and leisure activities on their sections of the canal connected by upland walking and cycling links.