NRW Shows Us the Way

Natural Resources Wales has launched a ‘milestone’ report: the State of Natural Resources Report 2020 is the evidence base that assesses how sustainable is the management of natural resources in Wales, building on the first report in 2016.  It suggests that redesigning the energy, transport and food systems of Wales could help society to live within its environmental capacity and address the pressures causing the nature and climate emergencies.  By re-assessing the individual actions we take, making pro-environmental behaviours the easiest choice, and taking opportunities for systems change through policy development, the report aims to present real opportunity for change.

These changes could include:

  • Reducing food waste
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural and agroecological practices that work with nature
  • Better urban design and planning such as connecting green spaces
  • Setting aside more space for nature
  • Moving towards low carbon and renewable energy
  • Redesigning the transport system as a whole, around sustainable options

The report is at: