News from Transition Monmouth

We couldn’t resist posting extracts from one of Transition Monmouth’s excellent newsletters – hope they don’t mind. Why not join them? –

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report published last month – download from or read one of the many articles such as – told the world that it really had to get its act together.  It states, loudly + clearly, that unless we make significant changes in the next 12 years we will reach a tipping point in climate change that will be irreversible.  What to do?  We can all make our individual contributions minimising our carbon footprint but it needs a whole lot else.  It needs governments + corporations around the world to unite in the huge changes that are needed.  How about we start with our own Government?  How about getting them to stop building roads + runways – invest in public transport instead.  How about getting them to support renewable energy + stop fracking, etc etc?  

For a start there are two discussion opportunities:-  Discussion Evening – the IPCC report:  Tuesday 27 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood:  Discussion led by John Payne + Haydn Cullen-Jones; Gathering for some challenging conversation:  Tuesday 11 December, 6.30 at Trealy Farm, Mitchel Troy NP25 4BL – contact if you would like to attend. 

Or for those of you ready for some direct civil disobedience action there’s the Extinction Rebellion, launched a couple of weeks ago with a rally in Parliament Square + a few arrests.  There have been more – much reported on social media, not so much in the mainstream media (there’s a surprise!).  Locally there is a group in Abergavenny – on Facebook as Extinction Rebellion:  Abergavenny Affinity Group – providing support/information + organising groups to join in protests in London, + also at the Senedd on 4 December when the vote on the new M4 through the Gwent Levels will be taken.  Contact them via Facebook or email Rob Proctor at   

Food Sense:  Wednesday 28 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood – food poverty, social isolation, food waste – come along, or email for further details. 

No New M4 Protest:  Tuesday 4 December, 12.30 at the Senedd – join a car share from Monmouth – details from Rob Proctor at