Monmouth Civic Society

Shirehall Monmouth

Shirehall Monmouth, copyright Philip Halling, licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons licence.

Civic Societies are a way for local people to make their voices count and shape the way that their neighbourhoods develop. Everyone has an opinion about the places where they live, work and shop, but how often are these views reflected in the decision making process?

Our aims are:-
1.    To promote high standards of planning and design.
2.    To educate the public in the history, geography and conservation of the natural and built  environment.
3.    To promote policies and projects that will enhance quality of life in the community.
4.    To promote environmental, economic and social sustainability.
5.   To protect, preserve and improve features of historic or public interest.
6.   To promote Civic Pride.

MEMBERSHIP: £5 a year, payable Jan 1.
(Pay Monmouth Civic Society, 4061 4483, 20-00-85)

CONTACT: Charles Boase, chairman, 01600 715076