Latest on Climate Change from WG

The Welsh Government has published Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales 2020-2025 in association with the Madrid Climate Change Conference. It continues the momentum generated by the launch of Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales, the declaration of a climate change emergency earlier this year and the first Wales Climate Change Conference.
The plan sets out how we will protect our environment and adapt our homes, communities, businesses and infrastructure to deal with the impact of climate change through a range of actions including:
• building defences to guard against flooding and coastal erosion
• protecting water supplies from drought
• reducing the use of pesticides
• growing more woodland to improve air quality, reduce erosion and protect soil, slow down floods and support our ecosystems.
• creating more open spaces like parks, playing fields, allotments, private gardens, grasslands, ponds, woodland creating an environment that is good for people’s wellbeing as well as the climate.
• the creation of 25,000 more energy efficient homes by 2021.