Identifying Nature Recovery Priorities

To compliment the Welsh Government Nature Recovery Action Plan (NRAP), Local Nature Partnerships across Wales are producing Local NRAPs to identify key pressures on a local scale.  Local NRAPs will suggest themes of actions, stimulate project ideas, direct conservation effort and provide a rationale for local action that can be used by developers, businesses and community groups.

The first stage of producing the Monmouthshire and Newport Local Nature Recovery Action Plan is to identify the habitats and species that are critical for nature recovery in our area.  To start this process they have compiled a list of important habitats and species that are recorded in Monmouthshire and Newport.  They would like feedback from interested parties that work or live in the area on which ones should be included in the Local NRAP.

The consultation is in the manner of a Microsoft Form, which allows collation of standardised responses easily, and is available at the link below. The forms don’t allow respondents to save their progress and come back to it so you are advised to contact for a list of habitats and species for you to consider before you respond.  The closing date for the consultation is Monday 22 August.

Monmouthshire and Newport Local NRAP Consultation (English)