Help Clear the Wye

The Wye & Usk Foundation have been coordinating litter and rubbish removal from the Wye for 10 years now, clearing 900 miles of river bank and shifting over 100 tons of rubbish so far. The various tributaries including the Monnow have been cleared, and on the main river the charity had worked its way down from the source to Luggsmouth by May 2014.  This year they are tackling the final stretch from Luggsmouth down to Chepstow and they are looking for local volunteers to help. Their aim is to find organisations that can take on a stretch, and Tom Ward-Jackson of Keep Wales Tidy is helping to coordinate volunteers.  They will be leading small groups of helpers at least twice a week most weeks between now and the end of April.  In February they are working their way down to Ross, and then on down towards the mouth of the Wye.  The dates for the Monmouthshire section have not yet been announced.  To get involved, please contact Tony Norman