Have Your Say on How Wales is Run

The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales would like you to join a national conversation about the way Wales is run.  They have been asked to look at how Wales could be run differently, while remaining an integral part of the United Kingdom.  They have also been asked to consider other options to strengthen Welsh democracy both within and outside the United Kingdom.  The Commission’s task includes reviewing current arrangements, looking at who has power over what, the current rules for how Wales is run, and whether these are the best ways of organising things.  Have your say: the constitutional future of Wales | GOV.WALES provides more information.  Users of this website may want to think particularly about environmental governance.

The Commission wants to maintain an ongoing conversation with citizens and stakeholders, and will be receiving views up until the summer of 2023. But they want your input to help shape their work programme, so please respond as soon as you can. To feed into thetr interim report in the autumn/winter of 2022, they will need to receive contributions by the end of July 2022.  Please send these to: ConstitutionCommission@gov.wales.