Gwent Ornithological Society

GOSdipperWho are we?
The Gwent Ornithological Society is a well established group with more than 300 members that is active in the former county of Gwent area.

What do we do?
We are a very active group and:

  • own Goytre House Wood Reserve near Abergavenny

    Goldfinch in a garden

    Goldfinch in a garden

  • have a programme of outdoor meetings and indoor winter meetings/talks
  • publish an annual report of bird sightings and activities
  • periodically publish an Atlas of Breeding Birds in Gwent
  • participate in species surveys, and encourage others to take part through our web site
  • have a library available for members at Goytre Hall, venue for our indoor meetings
  • educate the public about the importance of birds, and the importance of protecting their habitats
  • monitor local populations of breeding and migratory birds.

To find out more about Gwent Ornithological Society, visit our website here
Annual membership of Gwent Ornithological Society is £15, and £12 for juniors.

Verity Picken
Trevor Russell
Membership Secretary
Lesley Watson