Gwent Badger Group

Who are we?
The Gwent Badger Group was formed in 1974, a year after an Act of Parliament was passed to protect badgers. It began as a small group of people interested in uniting their efforts in enforcing the Act locally and assessing its effectiveness. It is encouraging that other Badger Groups have formed  throughout the country since those early days.

What do we do?
The Group aims to protect and study badgers, and where necessary offers assistance in dealing with the problems they may cause.  Although badger digging and the ‘sport’ of badger baiting are not as common as they once were, badgers still need our help to overcome some serious threats, including destruction of habitats, food and water shortages and increased traffic on our roads.  We care for sick and injured badgers and release them back into the wild when they have recovered.

Informing the public and particularly children about badgers is one of the Group’s main aims.  A woodland was bequeathed to the group a number of years ago and the group also has access to another woodland. Badger watching can be arranged at these sites, please visit our website for further details.  There is a regular newsletter for members informing them of events or points of interest.

Visit our website for full details of our activities, meetings,  news and how to join us.

24 hour emergency number 07831 623627