Friends of Linda Vista Gardens

What do the Friends do?

We initiate projects and work with MCC to achieve them. This involves practical work (designing beds, buying plants and trees, planting them, looking after them), applying for grants, communicating with the public, and so on. We are introducing regular working sessions each fortnight for weeding and tidying, and other jobs. Please contact us or look us up on Twitter for dates and times!

Part of the beautiful formal gardens at Linda Vista

Part of the beautiful formal gardens at Linda Vista

Projects we’ve completed

So far, our major projects have been:

  • Putting new, more welcoming signs at the entrances.
  • Creating two board-walks, one across an area prone to flooding, the other to create and accessible route down the slope from the Byefield Lane car park entrance.
  • Planting a bog garden beside the first board walk.
  • Creating a play-bed and planting a living willow tunnel.
  • Installing gates into Castle Meadows.
  • Labelling the more interesting trees.
  • Planting trees each year by the current Mayor of Abergavenny.
  • Replacing some of the old and tired rose beds with colour-themed beds.
  • Revitalising the “flower basket”.

Projects in progress

  • Developing an autumn colour tree collection with trees sponsored by members of the public. So far nine trees have been planted, shortly to be
    Artist's impression of the new autumn colour tree collection

    Artist’s impression of the new autumn colour tree collection

    joined by another eight.

  • Developing the composting area to make it more efficient and usable, and to place information boards to tell visitors about composting.
  • Placing information boards inside each entrance to show a map of the gardens with accessible routes, and to list seasonal things of interest to visitors and other information.

How can you become involved?

  • Become a Friend!
  • Make a donation.
  • Sponsor a tree or bench.
  • Offer your skills and ideas.
  • Support the gardens by visiting them and encouraging others to visit them.

For more information…

…contact the Chair of the Friends, Oliver Barton,

Location map

Location map

27 Brecon Road, Abergavenny NP7 5UH
Phone: 01873 737671
Twitter: @LindaVistaGdns