Climate Emergency not Forgotten

Environment minister Lesley Griffiths has revealed that the government is considering ramping up its response to the climate emergency. Details are currently scheduled to be outlined in June, when Griffiths intends to make a statement in the Welsh Assembly Senedd, followed by publication of the government’s first supplementary budget. This would outline how the administration’s plan for recovery after the Covid-19 outbreak “aligns with our net-zero ambitions and how we might go further and faster in realising them,” according to the minister.

She added: “In repairing the damage to our society and our economy caused by the pandemic, we must ensure we consolidate the progress we have made in answering the climate emergency and take every opportunity to make sure a healthier and prosperous Wales is also a greener and more sustainable one. We are determined the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate, and not deter us from, the transition to a low-carbon economy and a healthier, more equal Wales.”