CALM – Campaign Against the Levels Motorway

CALM is an alliance of organisations, individuals and community groups who are actively opposing Welsh Government plans to build a dual carriageway relief road which will affect the special landscape of the Gwent Levels.

Otters are present on the Gwent Levels along with other rare species

Otters are present on the Gwent Levels along with other rare species

The Welsh Government is proposing a dual carriageway from Magor to Castleton as one of the potential options for alleviating congestion on the existing M4.


The Gwent Wildlife Trust has chosen the Levels as one of their Living Landscape areas, because it is so important for wildlife, and is the only landscape of this type and size in Wales.   The new road would destroy a series of nationally important wildlife sites, not just through its construction but would also create a physical barrier between habitats, would impede water movement through damage to ancient drainage systems and cause pollution by run-off from the new road. It would also open up new areas for further development.

Local people share the Gwent Levels with otters, water voles, wading birds, and a wide range of rare insects and plants.

Members of the CALM coalition include Friends of the Earth Cymru, Gwent Wildlife Trust, RSPB Cymru, World Wildlife Fund Cymru, Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales and nine local community councils, concerned about the impact of the road on local people’s quality of life.

Please visit our website  for full information about this potentially damaging scheme and find out what you can do to help prevent it.

Contact details:

By phone through ringing Gwent Wildlife Trust: 01600 740600
By email:
By post: CALM c/o Gwent Wildlife Trust, Seddon House, Dingestow, Monmouth, NP25 4DY