Beyond Recycling Consultation at Chepstow

Welsh Government wants your views on their strategy ( to make a low carbon, zero waste Wales that uses a fair share of resources. The aims are to:
1. Become the world leader in recycling
2. Phase out single use plastic
3. Make waste collection greener
4. Avoid food waste by looking at the whole food chain
5. Prioritise the use of wood and remake and recycle more items
6. Help and educate communities to do the small things that add up to making a big difference
7. Help businesses make more from their waste and accomplish positive environmental action
8. Take full responsibility for our waste

Share your thoughts by 3 April on how Wales can progress towards zero waste and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. They have set out some ideas – but need our thoughts too. Do you have a great idea you would be willing to share?
Engagement Event – 9 March, 12:30-16:30pm (Beaufort Hotel, Chepstow);  Community Event – 9 March, 18:00-19:30pm (The Drill Hall, Chepstow)  To attend register at