Gwent Ornithological Society


Goldfinches are regular visitors to the winter garden to feed on seeds.  Picture by Jeff Fisher.Who are we?

The Gwent Ornithological Society is a well established group with more than 400 members that is active in the former county of Gwent area.  

What do we do?

We are a very active group and:

  • own Goytre House Wood Reserve near Abergavenny

  • have a programme of outdoor meetings and indoor winter meetings/talks

  • publish an annual report of bird sightings and activities

  • periodically publish an Atlas of Breeding Birds in Gwent

  • participate in species surveys, and encourage others to take part through our web site

  • have a library available for members at Goytre Hall available at our indoor meetings

  • educate the public about the importance of birds, and the importance of protecting their habitats

  • monitor local populations of breeding and migratory birds.

To find out more about Gwent Ornithological Society, visit our website here

Annual membership of Gwent Ornithological Society is 15, and 12 for juniors.

Dave Brassey

Trevor Russell

Membership Secretary                            
Helen Parry Jones


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