Monthly Archives: September 2018

CALM M4 Meeting Monday

With the Government’s proposed decision imminent, the CALM campaign is urging its supporters to do everything they can to promote their case via politicians and the media.  They meet at Newport Civic Centre at 7.00pm on Monday, 1 October to consider vital matters including the possibility of a legal challenge if needed.

Caerleon Campus Plans in Trouble

Newport planners are recommending refusal on traffic and air pollution grounds of the University of South Wales’ controversial plans for up to 263 homes on their redundant Caerleon campus site.  Will we see Monmouthshire planners taking a similar position on large developments in our congested towns?

Sophie Speaks Out

Hard on the heels of her attack on the M4 relief road, Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe has warned the Welsh Government to think more about the long-term consequences of its decisions.  The Government’s Well-being of Wales report admits to rising greenhouse gas emissions and declining biodiversity.  She welcomes an increase in recycling, renewable energy generation, more energy efficient homes, and a narrowing gender pay gap, but calls for more investment in public transport and tacking loneliness.

Commissioner Continues the Fight

With the outcome of the public inquiry into the proposed M4 relief road expected soon, lobbying of politicians by supporters and opponents is hotting up.  Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, concerned by the conflict with the need to achieve the Government’s own carbon reduction targets, has renewed her opposition.  She is backing a report that says that the £1.4 billion cost of the motorway would be better spent on an integrated package of sustainable transport measures including public transport and active travel.  The report is available at

Local Food on Urban Forks

Welsh Government has published the Abergavenny Agri-Urban Action Group’s report for 2016-18 at  The plan aims to be a guideline for food development in the Abergavenny area, with proposals including a Food Hub centre of excellence bringing producers and consumers closer together.