Monthly Archives: May 2018

CALM Targets AMs

Now that the inquiry into the £1.6 billion M4 Relief Road is over, CALM is continuing to seek more supporters and encouraging them to write to their AMs before the (new?) First Minister takes the final decision after considering the Inspector’s report. has posters, a leaflet and a detailed briefing to help lobbying

NDF Consultation

A Welsh Government consultation in the process leading to a National Development Framework is open for consultation until 23 July. It can be found here: The purpose of the NDF is to support the delivery of the Government’s Prosperity for All strategy by developing a clear long term spatial direction for Government policy, action and investment and for others who the Government work with. The NDF will achieve this by identifying key growth areas, the type and location of the infrastructure we need, by co-ordinating the delivery of housing, employment and connectivity infrastructure, and by directing key partners to help deliver the national spatial vision. Regional and local development plans will have to comply with the NDF.

This stage is about the main issues, options and preferred option, supported by environmental reports and assessment. A draft NDF will be consulted upon next year.