NRW Area Statements

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Jan 192018

From NRW: ‘As set out in our last update in December 2017, we have set up an online survey to better understand the ways in which you would like to be kept informed of what’s happening during the Area Statement process. Through completing this survey it will enable us to better understand your areas of interest with which you would like to be more closely engaged, and the people in your organisation that need to be involved.  We will use the information to plan and target our communication and engagement around Area Statements. With respect to handling personal information please see our Privacy Statement –  Please ensure that this survey is completed for or on behalf of named individuals, unless you would prefer us to contact a central mailbox.  There is no limit to the number of contacts per organisation.  This Survey will be live until Friday 9 February and identical surveys are available in either Welsh or English.’ Here are the links to the surveys: Welsh:, Engish: https//


M4 Relief Costs Creep Up

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Jan 192018

The M4 Relief Road, still being considered at a public inquiry, is expected to cost more than £1.4bn once VAT is taken into account, a senior Welsh Government official has told AMs.  Simon Jones said it was not yet clear what VAT would need to be paid.  Welsh Government recently announced it had committed to spending an extra £135m to improve Newport Docks – pushing costs up 10% to £1.3bn.  Labour Llanelli AM Lee Waters (once with Sustrans) feared costs could rise to as much as £1.5bn.

New Training Programme

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Jan 182018

You may be unaware of an exciting and supportive programme being developed for our communities.  The Be. Community Leadership Programme funded through the Rural Development Programme offers a suite of free training courses, online learning and networking opportunities for community volunteers doing great things. They are working with a number of partner organisations to offer a flexible range of skills and knowledge development, whilst demonstrating exactly what support is on offer in Monmouthshire and rural areas of Newport.

The developing programme, which as yet has no specifically environmental content, is at

More Power from Renewables

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Dec 232017

Over 54% of British electricity between July and September was from renewables or nuclear, the former providing 30% (compared with 25% in the same period of 2016).  Coal accounted for only 3% of generation.  Other records broken during 2017 include the first 24 hours without coal generation, the most wind power produced in a day, and the highest percentage (26.8%) of national demand in one day met by solar power.

WCVA to Distribute Landfill Tax Grants

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Dec 202017

For four years from April 2018 the WCVA, in partnership with local CVCs like GAVO, will be distributing £1.5m p.a. from the Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme.  It will fund biodiversity, waste minimisation and environmental enhancement projects within 5 miles of a landfill site or waste transfer station.

Transport Guidance for Future Generations

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Dec 152017

The new Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG) – – enables transport solutions which are low-or zero-carbon, mitigate air pollution, accelerate the green economy and otherwise meet the sustainable development principle of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.  Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner, has welcomed the revised guidance.

Wales’ First Marine Plan

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Dec 152017

Welsh Government has published the first marine plan for Welsh seas.  The draft plan ( sets out strategic objectives and policies for matters such as aquaculture, aggregates, defence, and renewable energy, including the identification of Resource Areas (RAs).  Responses are required by 29 March.

Help for Whitebeams

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Dec 142017

The Western Mail recently carried a feature about the rare whitebeam trees of the Wye Valley, being protected by a partnership of the Forestry Commission, the Tree Council and Dean Green Team.  Trees high up on the valley cliffs have been surveyed and more light has been let in to help their survival.  There are more than twenty varieties of whitebeam in the valley, six of which in the Symond’s Yat or Doward areas occur nowhere else in the world.  One is named after Monmouthshire botanist Trevor Evans.